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June 2001 – October 2006


Tomorrowland – Club Buzz occupied the outdoor stage in Tomorrowland, sitting in the center plaza. Today, the Jedi Training Academy uses this stage, as well as periodic nighttime performances by various local bands.


When Toy Story 2 became smash hit in 1999, Disneyland saw an opportunity to bring the franchise into Tomorrowland. The new storyline of Buzz Lightyear vs. Emperor Zurg fit perfectly into a space-themed, futuristic land. The stage in Tomorrowland transformed into Club Buzz, home to a show featuring Buzz, Zurg, and lots of special effects. Club Buzz opened in 2001, and became the sole Toy Story attraction at the resort.


The Club Buzz show started with a dance party, featuring everyone’s favorite green aliens. A cast member led the crowd through some moves (sometimes kids participated, sometimes they just watched), until the stage suddenly rose to reveal Buzz Lightyear himself!

Buzz greeted the crowd and the aliens, and enjoyed his time of the stage. That is, until the cast member popped some batteries into Zurg, who had been hiding in the background. Zurg sprung to life! With audience help, Buzz Lightyear and his friends battled to defeat Zurg, before Buzz once again disappeared through the vanishing stage.

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After the Astro Blasters opened in 2005, Club Buzz lost a bit of popularity. The excitement moved down the street to the new ride, and suddenly Tomorrowland was very heavily Buzz Lightyear-themed. So in 2006, the stage and restaurant returned to a generic theme, Tomorrowland Terrace, which would still be used for bands.


Club Buzz had a tiny tribute to a former Tomorrowland attraction; one of the pillars on the stage featured a miniature Monsanto House of the Future!

There were several Hidden Mickeys within the Club Buzz show, including a sculpture, the asteroid smoke, and one of the stage props.

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