Disney Vault 28

November 2006 – September 2017


Downtown Disney – Disney Vault 28’s spot was one of the busiest in the district; right at the central circle plaza. You’d find the Vault just as the circle opened up for the Uva Bar, across from Build-A-Bear Workshop.



  • Merchandise – primarily women’s clothing and accessories, limited merchandise for men and children
  • Unique Features – brick pillars and faux vault door at entrance

Disney Vault 28 was Downtown Disney’s #1 spot for Disney fashionistas. This spot carried all of Disney’s designer collaborations, trendier pieces, and exclusive merchandise unavailable in stores like World of Disney. If you were looking for magical additions to your closet during your trip to the Disneyland Resort, you made sure to stop by the Vault.


In fall 2017, Disneyland announced plans to bring a virtual reality Star Wars experience to Downtown Disney. To make room for the new attraction, Disney Vault 28 closed its doors in September, alongside Fossil.


The number 28 came from the year 1928, when Mickey Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie.

There was a hidden Mickey on the vault at the front of the store.

The patio above Disney Vault 28 was part of Catal Restaurant.

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