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October 2006 – August 2012


Fantasyland – The Enchanted Cottage was part of the original Fantasy Faire, a princess meet & greet inside Fantasyland Theatre. Today, the theater is home to Mickey and the Magical Map. The Enchanted Cottage remains, though it has been re-themed as the Troubadour Tavern.



  • Service Type – quick service
  • Seating – concession stand for nearby theater
  • Entertainment – none

The Enchanted Cottage was part of the “Fantasy Faire”, and thus did not really operate as an independent restaurant. Guests were free to visit without meeting princesses, but virtually everyone who stopped by the cottage did so en-route to visit royalty. This quick-service stand offered drinks, snacks, and sugary treats, most of which had a princess theme to go with the venue.


In 2012, Fantasyland went through a mini expansion when the Fantasy Faire moved to a center spot off Main Street. The now-vacant theater would soon debut a new show (Mickey & the Magical Map), which required just a little bit of re-theming for the area. As part of this change, the Enchanted Cottage became Troubadour Tavern, though its menu and facade stayed largely the same.


The Enchanted Cottage resembled Snow White’s forest home, complete with carvings of her animal friends.

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