In the early years of Disneyland, Main Street USA used to sell a munch broader variety of goods. Along with standard souvenir fare, Disneyland sold tobacco, lingerie…and magical flowers that never wilted.

How did Disney accomplish this impossible feat? All of the flowers were made of plastic!

 Source: Mousetalgia

The Flower Market filled the western side of Center Street, the current location of Carnation Cafe. This open air shop and garden offered plastic floral arrangements, individual flowers, and plastic fruits.

 Source: Daveland Web

This unique space on Main Street remained open for 20 years, a remarkable feat during a time of constant turnover in the area. By the 70s, Disney wanted to use the space for dining, and the Flower Market briefly hopped across the block into the smaller eastern end of Center Street. But in 1977, the Flower Market disappeared for good, although the magical flowers sold to guests still haven’t wilted!

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