Laffite’s Silver Shop


1966 – 1988


New Orleans Square – Laffite had a coveted corner shop across from the exit to Pirates of the Caribbean. Today, the plaza in front of the shop is home to a caricature artist, and the interior of the shop is actually a dining room for nearby Cafe Orleans.



  • Merchandise – silver goods and custom engravings
  • Unique Features – Theming matched pirates, candle chandeliers inside

Once guests left Pirates of the Caribbean, the adventures aboard the seven seas continue! Privateer Laffite sold treasures from his journeys aboard his ship, mostly silver housewares, jewelry, and plates. Visitors to the shop could even customize their silver treasure, with the specialty engraving station inside!


Though the shop was decently popular among park guests, it had too much competition in shop-heavy New Orleans Square. By the 80s, the land’s only table service restaurant wanted to expand, and Laffite’s shop closed its doors to make room for an indoor dining space.


Here’s yet another New Orleans Square reference to Lafitte, though this time spelled with two F’s and one T.

Look at the balcony above the former doorway to Laffite’s. The rooms behind it are part of Club 33!

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  1. Gary
    April 4, 2017 at 4:45 am (9 months ago)

    Cool looking store.


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