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February 2001 – September 2010


Paradise Pier – If you followed the main path to the rear of Paradise Pier, on the far side of the bay, you would find the Maliboomer on the right, just beyond the entrance to California Screamin’.


The Maliboomer was inspired by “test your strength” attractions found at most amusement parks and boardwalks, but with a twist. This space-themed variation put guests on the machine, shooting them up toward the bell at the top. The Maliboomer offered a high-speed view of the park, combining the fast launch element of California Screamin’ with drops somewhat like Tower of Terror.


Guests loaded onto the Maliboomer on one of four sides, and before they knew it, they were shooting up 180 feet into the air! For about 90 seconds, the Maliboomer sent guests flying, at top speed of 40 mph. After finally hitting the peak of the power, the Maliboomer ride came to an end, and guests offloaded and continued on their adventures in Paradise Pier.

Maliboomer2 Source: Static Flickr


When Disney announced California Adventure’s major expansion, Maliboomer was to stay in Paradise Pier, but would undergo renovations. However, by 2010, the ride’s fate was sealed, and the newly re-imagined California Adventure did not incorporate the ride in its plan. The boomer had its last ride on September 6th, and construction crews began dismantling the structure a few weeks later. Today, no attraction sits in this location, but its removal offered guests more space and greenery in the back of Paradise Pier.


Like California Screamin’, this attraction used scream shields to keep loud noises from leaving the park.

The Maliboomer’s name is a reference to Malibu, CA.


Source: Static Flickr

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