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March 1972 – November 1988


Bear Country – The Mile-Long Bar sat in the rear of Bear Country, to the left of the Country Bear Jamboree. This building now houses “Pooh’s Corner”, a sweets & gift shop.



  • Service Type – quick service
  • Seating – indoor dining room
  • Entertainment – none

The Mile-Long Bar was a western country bar offering snacks, (non-alcoholic) drinks, and comfort food. What made the bar so famous during its 16-year run was its optical illusion; the bar had mirrored walls on either side, so it looked like the countertop stretched for a mile!


When Bear Country became Critter Country in 1988, every attraction, shop, and restaurant underwent extensive renovations and re-theming. The Mile-Long Bar did not survive the transition, closing its doors to make room for the Brer Bar, which opened in 1989.


The Bar wall was adorned with the busts of Melvin, Buff, and Max, the stars of the Country Bear Jamboree.

Back when the Country Bear Jamboree dominated Bear Country, its exit had its own waterfall, which stood adjacent to the Mile-Long Bar entrance.

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  1. It’s kind of amazing that something as simple as a mirror can have such a impact. Cool looking little place, wish I could of seen it.

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