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January 2012 – October 2013


Condor Flats – Minnie’s Fly Girls took the stage on a small platform in Condor Flats, directly across from the entrance to Soarin’ Over California. Today, this space is part of the widened walkway through Grizzly Peak.


After “Golden State” split into several different lands, Condor Flats quickly became a pretty quiet place. With the huge exception of Soarin’, there wasn’t much to see or do, and crowds basically used it as a walkthrough space. To entice guests into hanging out in the Flats, Disney debuted a dance show on a small stage: Minnie’s Fly Girls.


Interested in taking a flight on Minnie’s Charter Airline? The flight attendants were there to recruit new passengers. The flight crew (dancers) took the stage a few times per day to drum up excitement for flying this exclusive airline. Then they were joined on stage by the one and only Minnie Mouse, who led a dance celebration to a medley of travel and destination songs. Some of the classics featured in the show included:

  • Come Fly With Me – Frank Sinatra
  • Straighten Up and Fly Right – Nat King Cole
  • Let’s Go Fly A Kite – Mary Poppins Soundtrack
  • When I See An Elephant Fly – Dumbo Soundtrack

Despite the small stage and limited performers (only 4 dancers plus Minnie!), the show was an energetic and fun tribute to the golden age of flying.

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Minnie and the gang made up one of the smallest shows at the resort, and as a result, it was sadly overlooked by park visitors. Though it did get somewhat of a cult following among loyal Condor Flats fans, the larger Disney audience never managed to accumulate much interest. In addition, the show’s stage did jut out into the land’s walkway, causing some traffic problems during show times. So in late 2013, Minnie and the Fly Girls flew out of Condor Flats for good.


Minnie’s Fly Girls was the first stage show in the Disneyland Resort featuring Minnie without Mickey.

The show’s art director, Brian Sandahl, intentionally designed the stage so that it blended into the background and didn’t look like a separate performing space. During off times, the show’s props became décor along the walkway.

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