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July 1955 – September 1966


Tomorrowland – When guests arrived through the main entrance to Tomorrowland, they could find the Monsanto Hall of Chemistry on the right, roughly where Star Tours stands today.


When Imagineers first began organizing the layout and concepts in Tomorrowland, they placed an important focus on science as the foundation of future technology. Originally, almost every Tomorrowland attraction had an official sponsor, and the Hall of Chemistry was no exception. Monsanto and the Disney Imagineering team collaborated to create an interactive exhibit that would educate the public about chemistry, as it relates to technology and the future. Though Monsanto would go on to sponsor three additional attractions in the park, the Hall of Chemistry was the attraction that officially began the Disney/Monsanto partnership that lasted over thirty years.


The Hall of Chemistry was a self-guided, walkthrough attraction functioning more like a science museum exhibit than a traditional theme park activity. Guests learned all about chemistry and how it affected every aspect of their lives, from the food they ate to their transportation choices. The highlight of the Hall of Chemistry was the CHEMATRON, a collection of eight giant tubes containing the most important materials found in nature.

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By the 1960’s, attendance in the Hall of Chemistry had seen a steady decline. Given the tremendous size of the building, Imagineers saw potential to better use the space as a moving ride, rather than a walkthrough exhibit. So in 1966, the Hall of Chemistry finally closed in favor of Monsanto’s new ride: Adventure Thru Inner Space.


The Hall of Chemistry shared it’s building with another Monsanto exhibit: “Fashions and Fabrics Through The Ages”.

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