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February 2001 – October 2010


Paradise Pier – Mulholland Madness sat in the corner of Paradise Pier, where the track is now part of Goofy’s Sky School. To find Mulholland Madness, guests could follow the Paradise Pier main path, toward the ferris wheel, and would find the ride on the right, just after the Corn Dog Castle.


Back when it first debuted in 2001, California Adventure was much more heavily focused on showcasing famous California landmarks. Mulholland Madness, named after Hollywood’s Mulholland Drive, was a California-themed, more aggressive version of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. The ride was built as a winding, chaotic adventure, taking guests along a truncated and extra turbulent journey along the huge highway.


The exterior of this coaster was large road map, highlighting the landmarks along the highway. Guests boarded into small cars, before climbing up onto Mulholland Drive. For about two minutes, guests twisted, turned, and dipped around road signs and billboards, before driving safely back to the loading dock.

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When California Adventure began its major expansion and refurbishment project, Imagineers wanted to incorporate more Disney characters into the park. Mulholland Madness was an obvious choice, since the ride already had lots of technical problems and needed substantial refurbishment. In 2010, Mulholland Madness closed for good, before shortly being replaced by Goofy’s Sky School.


Alamo officially sponsored Mulholland Madness from 2004-2010.

Mulholland Madness’ billboards were loaded with gags and puns, including a movie billboard starring fictional actors “Teri Fide” and “Rolly Coasta”.

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