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February 2001 – March 2009


Paradise Pier – Follow the main path with the water on your left, and you’d see the Orange Stinger straight in front of you, just before the entrance to Mickey’s Fun Wheel.


The Orange Stinger was one of the first rides installed and opened in California Adventure. The ride itself took place within a giant orange, with parts of the fruit peeled to let in light and offer views of Paradise Pier. At first, riders sat in bumblebees as they flew within the orange, but the seats were uncomfortable and difficult to control. So just two days after California Adventure opened, the bees were replaced with one and two person swings.


Riders loaded into swings around the base of the orange. The “William Tell Overture” would play, and the swings would lift up and spin around the inside of the orange. For about two minutes, riders experienced Paradise Pier from a bee’s-eye-view, before returning safely to the ground!

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When California Adventure began its major renovation, the Orange Stinger didn’t fit with its new image of a mostly outdoor, 1930’s boardwalk. It’s outer layers were removed, its theme was redone, and the ride reopened as the Silly Symphony Swings in May 2010.


The Orange Stinger originally blasted citrus smells inside the ride, but this feature was quickly scrapped, as it attracted bees!

This ride served as a tribute to Anaheim’s orange groves; the entire resort sits on former orange grove land.

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  1. I wondered what that orange ball was in the original Paradise Pier pictures. Cool idea, but I like the openness of the swings now better.

    • Same here. I think it’s better to have the swings more true to a classic boardwalk. Plus, the views are awesome!

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