February 2001 – January 2018


When California Adventure was first conceptualized, Imagineers envisioned a pier similar to those found all over the coast of California. Originally, Paradise Pier resembled a seaside amusement park, but from 2008-2009, Imagineers refurbished and expanded the land. The new theme was reminiscent of a 1920’s Victorian boardwalk, with new attractions and the World of Color show rounding out its expansion. For seventeen years, Paradise Pier remained one of the most popular lands in California Adventure, drawing millions of nostalgic guests to its old-fashioned coasters, restaurants, and classic boardwalk games.


Paradise Pier was the largest land in California Adventure, offering a wide variety of entertainment and dining. Upon entering Paradise Pier from any direction, guests had an incredible view of the water, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, and California Screamin’. Guests exploring the pier could explore boardwalk rides, play games, shop, grab a bite to eat, or just enjoy the view. Whether guests wanted to brave the big rides or take a stroll through a classic American boardwalk with a bag of popcorn, Paradise Pier had something for everyone.


  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Woody
  • Jessie
  • Army Men (from Toy Story)
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Goofy
  • Pluto
  • Donald Duck
  • Lilo (rare)
  • Stitch (rare)





Despite its massive size, Paradise Pier actually had a lot of underutilized space. Imagineers had been searching for a way to incorporate more Pixar into the resort for a while, and at D23 2017, Disney finally announced the new Pixar hub in the park. Paradise Pier would split into two lands: Paradise Park and Pixar Pier. January 7, 2018 marked Paradise Pier’s final day of operation, before the official separation into two smaller lands.



Paradise Pier saw the most change of any California Adventure land. Since it’s opening in 2001, Paradise Pier closed eleven rides/attractions and nine restaurants/shops.

Several times a day, Goofy conducted a water show in Paradise Bay. Classical music played as Goofy sent water shooting above the water.


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