With the official retirement of Paradise Pier last week, I’ve been looking through some of my photos from the boardwalk. This beautiful land didn’t skimp on the details, and the Victorian theming wasn’t its only nod to the past. In fact, one of the shop signs paid tribute to a 1960s Disney classic: The Jungle Book.

On the edge of the boardwalk, by Mickey’s Fun Wheel, visitors found Paradise Pier’s largest gift shop. Sideshow Shirts sold tons of Disney merch, and was famous for its massive clown with outstretched arms above the counter. But look a little closer to the billboard, and you’ll notice a familiar face.

It’s Sideshow Kaa! You might remember Kaa as Mowgli’s hypnotic jungle neighbor in The Jungle Book. Kaa first appeared on the Sideshow Shirts billboard after the 2007-2012 California Adventure transformation. He spent roughly five years circling Vipera’s neck on the massive marquee, and most guests never noticed he was hiding in plain sight.

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