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July 1978 – September 1983


Main Street USA – The American Egg House sat at the corner of Main Street USA, between the Disney Showcase gift shop and the Mad Hatter shop. Today, this structure is part of the expanded Showcase (the Egg house was in the building with the second floor balcony).



  • Service Type – table service
  • Seating – indoor dining room and adjacent covered patio
  • Entertainment – none

The American Egg House was Main Street USA’s breakfast hot spot; guests could enjoy a selection of fresh omelettes and salads from park open to park close. The restaurant was known for its corner chef’s window, an elaborately decorated glass booth where visitors could watch the chef at work. Diners had the choice to eat in the quaint dining room, or outside on the adjacent covered patio. The American Egg House was the busiest breakfast spot in the park, thanks in part to its location, which made it the first restaurant guests saw when arriving on Main Street USA.


Before this restaurant became the American Egg House, it was a small corner café called the Town Square Café. Though the Egg House was fairly popular with park guests, it was never as popular as its predecessor, so it converted back into the Town Square Café in 1983.


The American Egg House was the only restaurant in the park to serve breakfast all day long.

The Egg House building is located right next to the parade’s exit gate; as a result, many cast members still refer to this gate as the “Egg House Gate”.

You can still see the Egg House’s chef window in the Disney Showcase. Though much of the small detailing has been removed, the window still anchors the corner of the space (and is now used as a register station).

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