TheYachtBar1 Source: Matterhorn 1959

April 1957 – September 1966


Tomorrowland – Guests could find the Yacht Bar in Tomorrowland, overlooking the lagoon. To reach the Yacht Bar, guests followed the main path from Main Street USA to the waterfront, and the Yacht Bar stood on the left. Today, this is the approximate location of Tomorrowland Terrace.



  • Service Type – quick service
  • Seating – adjacent patio
  • Entertainment – none

The Yacht Bar was Tomorrowland’s snack shack of the future. Guests could choose from a variety of comfort foods, shakes, and sodas, but there were no traditional tables on the adjacent patio. Instead, guests sat in circles of chairs, each with its own miniature side table (at the time, it seemed a very modern and innovative concept!). Diners enjoyed views of the lagoon, and the Yacht Bar’s open patio made it the perfect place to stop for a rest as they explored Tomorrowland.


Tomorrowland underwent its first major overhaul in 1967, a project known as “New Tomorrowland”. As part of the New Tomorrowland refurbishment, most of the attractions and dining left the park to make room for brand new replacements. The Yacht Bar closed just before construction began, and was replaced by the Tomorrowland Terrace.


This restaurant was called the “Yacht Club” for its first few months of operation. It originally sat a little further down the waterfront, near the Phantom Boats (roughly between the Matterhorn and Autopia today). To make room for the short-lived Viewliner, the restaurant moved further into Tomorrowland and became the Yacht Bar.

All of the panels on the exterior walls were painted to resemble nautical flags.

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