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December 1976 – Spring 1978, October 1983 – August 1992


Main Street USA – The Town Square Café sat in the corner of the square, just before the street narrows (next to today’s Mad Hatter). Currently, this largely forgotten space serves as a character meet and greet area, and the interior kitchen is now retail space.



  • Service Type – table service
  • Seating – semi-enclosed patio seating
  • Entertainment – none

The Town Square Café had the distinction of being the only restaurant on the southern end of Main Street USA. Open for breakfast and lunch, this dining spot welcomed visitors with the smells of classic comfort food. Diners enjoyed a surprising amount of privacy, thanks to the canopied patio, without sacrificing beautiful views of the front of Main Street and the train station.


This restaurant actually closed twice. In 1978, the space closed to become the American Egg House, offering an extended breakfast option on the street. But visitors missed the Town Square Café, and interest in the new restaurant slowly dwindled. By 1983, Disneyland finally converted the café back to its former theme.

Unfortunately for Disney, it seemed this move was too little, too late. The Town Square Café never returned to its former glory. The restaurant finally closed its doors for good in 1992, and the space remained completely unused for another four years.


The Café is one of the few closed Disneyland restaurants to have been honored with a commemorative pin.

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