There’s something so inspiring about seeing photos of Walt Disney in Disneyland. Though he will always be better known for his movies, Walt’s true passion project was the original Magic Kingdom. In his later life, he devoted virtually all of his creative energy into a magical place where kids and adults could share in magic.

Welcome to the first album in a new series: Walt in Disneyland. Let’s start our walk through memory lane at the park’s onset.

 Walt introducing Disneyland on the pilot of the new Disneyland Show, 1954. (Disney Parks Blog)

 The team reviews blueprints for the park, 1954. (Wikimedia)

 Walt oversees construction in Frontierland, 1955. (Pin IMG)

 Walking the new bridge, 1955. (Disney Dreamer)

 Finishing touches on Main Street, 1955. (Pin IMG)

 Opening day – a dream realized, 1955. (Pin IMG)

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