Happy July! Is it just me, or is this year flying by? Seems like 5 minutes ago I was admiring the first spring flowers in Disneyland, and now the park is in full summer glow.

June brought more Disney drama, some excitement on the Rivers of America, and some upgrades, both new and rumored. Let’s dive right in!


After more than a year of waiting, signs of life have FINALLY returned to the Rivers of America. The rafts to Tom Sawyer Island are back in business, the Mark Twain and Columbia are taking warmup trips around the island, and the train has taken a few test runs across its new route over a waterfall!

 Source: Dateline Disneyland

Big Thunder Trail is open too, with brand new rock formations to explore.

 Source: Laughing Place

One new detail causing quite a stir on social media: a mischievous (some say murderous) beaver gnawing away at the new support beams.

 Source: Guy Selga

The Disneyland Railroad, Mark Twain, and Sailing Ship Columbia reopen on July 29. I can’t wait to hop back on and check out all the new scenery behind Tom Sawyer Island!


Did you hear about the new fast pass upgrades this month? Disneyland hasn’t officially launched MaxPass yet, but we now have the first glimpse of digital ticketing. The Digital Fast Pass system loads fast passes directly onto your pass or park ticket, and you scan that ticket/pass for admission into the fast pass line.

Check out my post here for a full explanation of the new system, and its impact on paper fast passes.


In news that affects Disney World more than Disneyland, Siemens has officially ended its partnership with Disney parks. Iconic attractions like Spaceship Earth, Illuminations, and Mission: Space are all sponsored by Siemens, along with It’s A Small World in Disneyland. No word yet on how this news will affect these attractions. Will It’s A Small World get a new sponsor, or continue without one? Only time will tell.


The most dramatic announcement this month came just a few days ago. Pirates of the Carribbean in Disneyland, Disney World, and Disneyland Paris will change the famous auction scene. Instead of selling brides, the auction will sell animals, with the famous redhead now packing heat.

This announcement incited a lot of aggressive reactions on Twitter. My personal opinion? I don’t really feel strongly either way. On the one hand, they are pirates. Selling off brides was pretty on par with their behavior, and it’s a classic scene. On the other hand, it’s a fictional ride, it’s just one scene in the ride, and it gives the iconic redhead the spotlight she’s always warranted. At the end of the day, I personally would be fine if they left it as is, and I’m fine with Disney changing it.


On June 9. Anaheim PD responded to an “incident”. Geese flying over the park pooped, which unfortunately rained down on 20 guests. This was the hilarious tweet from the department:

The Bengal Barbecue just expanded! Adventureland’s beloved snack bar now has a larger, shady seating area, and with the added space comes an expanded menu. I’ve been told the Jungle Julep is a must!

Now that summer is in full swing, The All American College Band is back in the park. Catch them on Main Street and in Fantasyland & Frontierland throughout the day, playing Disney classics with a twist.

The back of the Cars Land façade never looked quite as glamorous as it did inside the park. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. After a request from the Anaheim City Council, Disneyland themed the back of the mountain range to reflect the color scheme of the front. While the outer-facing side lacks any forced perspective, it looks SO much better than it did before.

Disneyland just released details about this year’s CHOC Walk. This annual walk inside the park benefits the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. This year’s event takes place on August 27, with a goal of raising over 3 million dollars! To donate or register for the walk, visit the official website here.

And finally, the Matterhorn opened its permanent fast pass kiosks (it used temporary box ones before). They are undoubtedly the cutest fast pass kiosks at the resort!

 Source: MouseInfo

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