I thought I’d start this monthly update with a bit of a personal note: I graduated from college!

I’ve had an incredible four years at the University of San Diego, and am so grateful for the academic and social opportunities I’ve had. Though I don’t know what the future holds for me right now, I’m excited to see where life takes me in the coming months.



Any avid Disneyland fan knows this year marks the park’s 60th anniversary, and May 22nd was the official combined 24 Hour Summer Kickoff and the start of the Diamond Jubilee. The park is sparkling in diamond and royal blue embellishments, and the summer crowds have officially arrived at the resort. Since there’s tons to say about the Jubilee and commemorative shows and merchandise, I’ll get into more detail in a separate post next week. But for now, here’s a peek at the Diamond decor:

Resort Updates - May 2015


With all of the commotion surrounding the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, lots of smaller park updates have been lost in the shuffle…with one major exception: the Hatbox Ghost. As a short-lived original ghost in the Haunted Mansion, the Hatbox Ghost has become legend among devoted Disney fans. Though the illusion of the ghost’s head switching from his body to a box failed in 1969, Imagineers brought him back in style just before the Diamond Jubilee celebration. The day the Hatbox Ghost materialized in the Haunted Mansion, lines wrapped all the way through New Orleans Square.

May20154.jpg Source: Pin IMG


Resort guests visiting Disneyland or the Disneyland Hotel the weekend of May 15th-17th noticed several stage structures on Main Street USA and along the Hotel property. Live with Kelly & Michael filmed episodes at the resort to mark the 60th anniversary, with guests winning tickets to the park and exclusive Diamond Jubilee merchandise. The periodic rain throughout the weekend limited Kelly & Michael’s time in the park, but they were able to film inside the Hotel and interact with some guests during their time on the property.


The Matterhorn Bobsleds have finally reopened after an almost six-month hiatus, with new upgrades and enhancements to its fearsome resident. Harold the Yeti is now much more heavily shadowed, making his appearances along the track that much more spooky.

The pin trading shops in the parks and in Downtown Disney are now selling commemorative pins marking the 60th anniversary festivities. Check them out while they’re here!

This month, the resort also started selling limited edition popcorn buckets in the shape of Cinderella’s carriage. While there is no official word as to how long the souvenir buckets will be in the park, there are rumors they will remain throughout the summer.

And finally, Grizzly Peak Airfield is open, and Soarin’ Over California is back operating on a full flight schedule. There have been no major changes to the attraction, but the façade and signage in the Airfield looks dramatically different from Condor Flats.

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