Though all of the shops, restaurants, and carts at the Disneyland Resort accept credit cards, you may find yourself in need of cash during your visit. If that’s the case, you don’t have to go off property to visit a bank. The resort has a number of ATMs located both in the parks and around Downtown Disney.

The following is a list of ATM locations within the Disneyland Resort. All of the ATMs at the resort are sponsored by Chase Bank, so guests using other bank cards do have to pay a transaction fee.


Main Entrance – You can find this one outside of the main gate to Disneyland, near the lockers and esplanade bathroom. To find the ATM, walk to the end of the gates on the Downtown Disney side, and you should see a sign posted on the right.

Main Street USA – The first ATM inside the park sits right at the front of Main Street, just beyond the train track. Upon arriving in the square, take an immediate right and you’ll find it down a pathway, tucked behind the Disney Gallery building.

Frontierland – This ATM sits just over the bridge at the hub entrance. After you officially cross into Frontierland, turn left and you’ll see a sign posted on the log lookout tower.

Tomorrowland – To find this ATM, head toward Space Mountain. Keep to the right side of the main path, and then turn right onto the small pathway next to the “Star Trader” gift shop. This one is fairly hidden, so you might need to ask a cast member to point it out for you.

Fantasyland – You can access this ATM at the entrance to Mickey And The Magical Map. Walk onto the path beyond the vendor cart, near the Troubadour Tavern, and you’ll see it on your left.


Main Entrance – Like with the Disneyland entrance ATM, you can find this one outside of the gate. Head to the end of the gates closest to the buses, and you’ll see it in a small courtyard adjacent to the ticket booths.

Buena Vista Street – When you enter through the gates, look to the right of the flagpole and you’ll see this ATM, next to the Red Car Trolley stop.

Hollywood Land – To find this ATM, keep to the right of the street, and then turn right when the path opens up next to the “Off the Page” art shop. You’ll see it next to the entrance to the bathrooms.

Grizzly Peak – This ATM sits right on the path between Grizzly Peak and Paradise Park. Head to the left of the Painted Ladies, and you’ll see a sign on the corner, next to the entrance to the back walkway behind Grizzly River Run.

Cars Land – When you walk down the main road in Cars Land, turn right just before Flo’s V8 Café. You’ll see a rest area with lots of benches, a sign for the bathrooms, and an ATM on the back wall.

Pacific Wharf – You can find this ATM in the back of the large dining patio, right next to the back entrance to Cars Land. Head to the right of the Lucky Fortune Cookery, and you’ll see the it next to the bathrooms.

Pixar Pier – If you’re in Pixar Pier, you can find one on the boardwalk. Follow the pathway by Mickey’s Fun Wheel, and you’ll spot the ATM at the end of the boardwalk games.


Haagen Daaz – The first ATM in Downtown Disney sits right in the middle of the shops. You can find it to the left of Haagen Daaz, right before the circular Uva Bar.

Lego Store – The other Downtown Disney ATM is at the opposite end from the parks. Turn right after the Lego Store, and you’ll see the ATM, which sits almost directly across from the Monorail station.

Each Disneyland Resort Hotel also has an ATM located inside. For specific locations within those hotels, ask the front desk for assistance. If you have trouble locating an ATM or want to go off-property to visit a bank, stop by City Hall on Main Street USA or ask the nearest cast member for assistance.

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