The Disneyland Resort is a welcoming, family-friendly place…but sometimes, guests need a little extra help. Each park is equipped with several different Care Centers, to provide additional support, resources, and safe spaces for visitors and their families.


If you have a little one with you at the park, sometimes you need a quiet place to change a diaper, nurse, or just take a break from the noise. The Baby Care Centers at the resort each provide a safe space for families with small children. Though these facilities are not daycares or for babysitting, they are each fully staffed and have tons of resources free and fully accessible to guests. These include nursing rooms, changing rooms, kitchens, and a lounge area.

In Disneyland, the Baby Care Center is located at the end of Main Street. When the street opens up into a circle in front of the castle, turn right. You’ll find the Center tucked in the corner, past the photography shop. In California Adventure, you’ll find the Baby Care Center in Pacific Wharf, next to Ghirardelli.

For more information about the Disneyland Resort’s Baby Care Centers, check out the official page here.


Care Centers

If you injure yourself or need over-the-counter medication during your stay at the resort, the First Aid Centers are a great resource. Of course, you should always call 911 in an emergency. But if you need a smaller fix, like a bandage, Tylenol, etc., the First Aid center nurses will take care of you.

In Disneyland, the First Aid Center also sits at the end of Main Street. Turn right once you reach the open plaza in front of the castle, and follow the path toward the small lawn. The First Aid Center is the brick building in the corner. In California Adventure, the First Aid Center is right next to the Baby Care Center, to the left of Ghirardelli in Pacific Wharf.

You can read more about all of the services available at the First Aid Centers here.


The Disneyland Resort offers a wide range of disability services for guests with all kinds of needs. If you are looking for a wheelchair or ECV vehicle, rentals are available at the park gates. But for more extensive support, guides, and other resources, there are Service Centers in both parks. At the Disability Services Centers, cast members provide helpful services like rider switch, companion bathrooms, and comprehensive attraction guides. In both parks, you can find Disability Services in the Guest Relations Lobbies. (In Disneyland, that’s City Hall).

Before you go to the parks, Disney has lots of great tips and suggestions, particularly for cognitively disabled guests. Check out the guides and resources on the Disability Services page here.

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