If you have a dog or cat with you during your trip to the Disneyland Resort, you can’t bring it into the park. But you do have an alternative – the Disneyland Resort Kennel Club.

Disneyland Resort Kennel Club Source: Disneyland Today


The Kennel sits just outside Disneyland’s main gate, next to the Stroller, Wheelchair, and ECV rentals. This service opens 30 minutes before park opening, and closes 30 minutes after park closing. They don’t take reservations ahead of time, so you’ll need to get to the club right when it opens to guarantee a spot for your furry friend.

Each spot in the Club costs $20 per day, per pet. Lodgings are individual crates, but do not come with toys or blankets (the Club strongly encourages you bring some to comfort your pet during the day).

Disneyland Resort staff are not permitted to feed, relieve, or play with pets. They do, however, always provide a full water dish, and monitor behavior to notify owners of any concerns. If you board your pet at the Club, you are required to visit throughout the day to attend to your pet’s needs. This Club isn’t meant to be a pet-sitting service; it’s a safe place to keep your pet for a few hours at a time. Note: Disneyland Resort Hotels do not permit pets of any kind.


The Disneyland Resort Kennel Club accepts cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, and some rodents. They will not board exotic or illegal animals, and have a ban on ferrets. Permitted animals must be over 4 months of age, and must have proof of vaccinations.

For more information about vaccination requirements, crate sizes, or any other Kennel Club questions, visit the official page here.

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    • The Kennel is meant to be used as a temporary safe space for your pet. Disneyland discourages visitors from bringing pets, since they are not permitted in the parks or hotels. If your dog requires a lot of attention and you plan on spending the day in the parks, I would recommend hiring a pet sitter at home instead. Your dog will definitely be more comfortable.

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