The worst kept secret of Disneyland veterans is the Fast Pass. These are incredible time-savers and both free and easy to use, so it amazes me that most park guests don’t take advantage of them. I recommend that even on lightly-attended park days, visitors use as many fast passes as possible…there’s really no reason not to. Below is everything you need to know about fast passes, and if you haven’t used them in the past, start using them on your next visit.

WHO – Anyone with a park ticket can obtain fast passes using the distribution machines located all over the park.

WHAT – Fast Passes are a one-time use ticket that allows guests to cut the majority or all of lines for headline attractions and major roller coasters.

WHEN – Guests can technically hold only one fast pass at a time, but there are ways around this. A Fast Pass will have a printed return time, say 9:05-10:05. Pass holders can return and cut the lines during this window, but after 10:05 the passes expire. However, once you hit 9:05, you can get another fast pass, even if you haven’t used your first one yet. Always grab another fast pass before using the one you have.

WHERE – Fast Pass distribution machines are usually located close to the rides they are for. There are lots of signs for the machines, but if you can’t find them, ask a cast member at the closest ride and they will direct you to the right spot. Or, if you buy MaxPass, you can skip the machine and get your fast passes from the Disneyland App.

WHY – To save time! To skip the lines! To ride as many rides in a day with as little headache as possible! Honestly, there’s no good reason for NOT using the fast pass system.

HOW – Find a Fast Pass distribution machine, and insert your park ticket. Your park ticket will spit back out, along with a fast pass reminder for a certain window of time. Signs in front of the ride will tell you what the current fast pass time window is. Make sure to obtain a fast pass for everyone in your party; each guest needs their own.



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