How To Score Big On Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters always makes my “must do” list for a day at Disneyland. The shooting game is fun, and requires much more skill than Midway Mania. But shooting at targets without a strategy can be extremely frustrating, especially when your partner just keeps racking up points. So how can you score big on the Astro Blasters?

Tip #1 – Find your aim and never stop shooting.

When my gun lights up, the first thing I do is shoot straight at the ground next to my car. That way, I can estimate where my dot is from my gun’s vantage point. It sounds like a weird technique, but it really helps me figure out where my dot is once I am surrounded by other shooters. Once you’ve got it – don’t stop. Fire every time you hear the sound (too fast and it won’t register), especially at the same target you’ve already lined up for.

Tip #2 – Move your car.

Unlike Midway Mania, your Astro Blaster car isn’t in a fixed position. Does one wall have way more targets than another? Turn your car toward the big wall for maximum visibility. This trick isn’t useful in every room, but it can be a huge help if you’re trying to rack up points from certain targets. (Or if you’re being super competitive – you can screw up your partner’s aim!)

Tip #3 – Look for certain shapes.

Not all targets are made equal. Some shapes have very, very low point values, while others will rake in huge numbers:

  • Circle – 100 points
  • Square – 1,000 points
  • Diamond – 5,000 points
  • Triangle – 10,000 points

Don’t waste your time shooting at circles or squares unless you really can’t find/reach anything else. Always go for the diamonds and triangles to boost your score. You’ll also get pity points – for every 5 or 6 shots you make without hitting a target, you’ll get 100 points.

Tip #4 – Follow the light.

When a target’s edges are lit up, it’s worth 10x the usual point value! So if you can, fire at glowing targets. Once a player hits the bullseye, the light will go out for a few seconds before coming on again.

Tip #5 – The Hidden Goldmine

This one’s the hardest to time, but incredibly helpful for high scores. The first time you see Emperor Zurg, he has a hidden target right on his chest. It’s exactly between his breast plates, about halfway down. This tiny target never lights up, but it’s worth 50,000 points! If you shoot the targets on his blaster, he will turn toward you, which makes shooting at his chest MUCH easier.

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    • Some tips would, like the shapes and light-up point values. But the WDW guns are stationary, so you can’t pick them up and focus your aim as well. And I don’t know if the hidden Zurg target exists outside of Disneyland or not, so you’ll have to try it out!

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