At Disneyland, 4th of July celebrations actually last about a week. Now through July 3, the resort is hosting special celebrations to drum up excitement for Independence Day. Disney encourages visitors to wear red, white, and blue to the park, and both Disneyland and California Adventure have special performances happening throughout the day.

Photo: Disney Parks Blog

Here is the current schedule of performances as listed on the Disney Parks Blog:

June 28 – July 1: The United States Air Force Honor Guard, from Washington DC

July 2: The United States Army National Guard Band

  • Disneyland pre-parade – 4:10

July 3: The 191st and 300th Army Bands

  • Downtown Disney – 9:45 to 1:45

Throughout the week, the resort’s bakeries offer patriotic pastries including themed cookies, cakes, and snack bags. Visitors to the park also experience a special fireworks show: Celebrate America!

Independence Day At Disneyland 2017

 Source: Disneyland

On the actual holiday (July 4th), Disneyland will host a special flag ceremony on Main Street USA. But most of the festivities happen before the 4th. If you are thinking of visiting Tuesday, please bear in mind that Independence Day is one of Disneyland’s most crowded days of the year, and there is an excellent likelihood that the park will hit capacity. Plan ahead, and be prepared for major congestion in and around the resort!

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