If you’re lucky enough to have an annual pass (or perhaps you just have an impatient family member), the long lines for the big rides and shows are less than appealing. But have no fear! There are lots of attractions in the park that have little to no line for entry, and you are free to explore at your own pace. This touring plan has all sorts of things to do in the park, without having to waste most of your day in line. Don’t forget to explore the scenery of each land; many spots in the park have scenic walkways! Note: shops and restaurants are not included, but there are lots of cool stores and places to eat in each land.

Because there are no wait times to consider (aside from waiting for a show to begin), this touring plan is more of a to-do list. Feel free to visit the attractions in whatever order works for you, and enjoy your leisurely day in the park.



Critter Country

  • None



Main Street USA

Mickey’s Toontown

New Orleans Square

  • no rides/attractions without lines, but has some really cool shops.



A Bug’s Land

Buena Vista Street

Cars Land

  • None

Grizzly Peak

Hollywood Land

Pacific Wharf

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