This past weekend, I attended my favorite Disneyland event of the year: Mickey’s Halloween Party!

My roommate and I repeated our peasant princess costumes from last year, and this time, brought our friend Belle along with us.

Mickey's Halloween Party 2017 Recap

Gaston LOVED Belle. He chased her down in the Fantasy Faire, and then during the parade, pointed to her and blew her a kiss.

The Halloween Party isn’t just for little kids; everyone can trick or treat! Not to mention the special parade & fireworks, villain meet & greets, and of course…tons and tons of spooky fog.

This year’s party felt a little less crowded than last year’s, despite being sold out. We stumbled upon a front-row seat to the parade, only a few minutes before it actually started. We walked onto Indiana Jones, and had just a 20 minute wait for the overwhelmingly popular Haunted Mansion Holiday.

During the Halloween Party, each land has a bunch of huge trick or treat stations. The most popular by far is the waterfront station in New Orleans Square. We got unbelievably lucky with our timing and had a perfect view of the passing Cadaver Dans!

If you’ve ever considered attending the Halloween Party, I highly recommend it. You get to spend 8 hours in the park, 5 of which are “after hours” (exclusive to event attendees), access to almost every attraction, unique entertainment, and the most incredible atmosphere. Everyone is so enthusiastic, and every year I am amazed by the creativity of some of the costumes. Favorites this year included:

  • Miguel fromĀ Coco (with guitar!)
  • Mama Cruella de Vil with baby dalmatians
  • Briar Rose, Maleficent, and the three fairies in peasant form
  • Disney princesses in Hogwarts uniforms
  • Te Fiti
  • Group of Belles, with each Belle wearing a different costume from the live action movie
  • A huge family with the whole Toy Story gang, including Bo Peep’s sheep

So whether you’ll be celebrating at Disneyland or on your own street, I hope you have a magical Halloween!

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  1. With Mickey s Not So Scary Halloween Party, the other part of the park with the most sympathetic vibrations is Haunted Mansion, which is preparing for a swinging wake as the always delightful Lady Renata takes her seat in the lawn.

    • They are awesome! We happened to be in Critter Country when they finished their set (that’s where they disembark). Cast members cleared a path and they walked backstage very dramatically haha.

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