Every fall, after the gates to the park close and night falls over Disneyland, the park transforms into a Halloween wonderland. Fog pours into the park, spider webs appear across the castle, and the villains from classic Disney films prowl Main Street USA. From late September through October, guests can witness these sights and more by attending the exclusive Mickey’s Halloween Party.

Mickey’s Halloween Party is an after-hours event for guests of all ages, thanks to its “Not So Scary” promise of Halloween fun. Everyone is encouraged to come in costume (yes, even adults!), and can visit their favorite rides in between the special Halloween festivities. Guests attending Mickey’s party will experience the sights and sounds of Halloween, with an added dose of Disney magic.


Guests attending Mickey’s Halloween Party must purchase an event ticket (including annual pass holders). These tickets range from $60-$70, depending on the night selected or pass holder discounts available. The Halloween Party begins at 6 or 7 pm, depending on the night, but guests with Halloween Party tickets can enter the park up to three hours before the event officially begins.

All guests are permitted to wear costumes, but those in Disney costumes are not allowed to pose for photos or sign autographs for children. There are also some rules for the costumes, which include:

  • All costumes must be child-friendly (no obscenity, violence, or offensive clothing)
  • Garments cannot drag on the ground, including capes
  • Guests cannot carry weapons that could be mistaken as real weapons, or carry any sharp objects
  • Masks must not conceal eyes or obstruct the vision of the wearer

Guests who do not follow the costume guidelines can be asked to modify their costumes or denied entry, so if you plan on wearing a costume, make sure it’s appropriate!

You can find more information regarding Mickey’s Halloween Party policies and guidelines here.


In addition to visiting Disneyland’s rides and attractions, guests can trick-or-treat! There are stations located in each land, and cast members hand out free candy bags at the beginning of the Halloween party. Goodies at each station include chocolates, candies, and snacks, and guests are welcome to visit the stations over and over again throughout the night. Halloween Party guests also have access to special activities and Meet & Greet opportunities. These include:

  • The “Halloween Screams” fireworks spectacular, hosted by “Master of Scare-omonies” Jack Skellington: This spooky fireworks show celebrates the spirit of Halloween, and is shown privately to Mickey’s Halloween Party guests.
  • Dance Party at Tomorrowland Terrace: Every year the dance party has a different theme, but the premise is always the same. Guests can dance the night away in Tomorrowland, with a quick intermission for the fireworks spectacular.
  • “Mickey’s Costume Party” Calvacade: Performed twice nightly, this show features some of Disney’s most beloved characters in their Halloween best!
  • Cadaver Dans ghoul quartet, performing on the Rivers of America: Swing by New Orleans Square or Frontierland and watch the Cadaver Dans perform haunting Halloween characters as they raft on the spooky waterfront.
  • Dia De Los Muertos – Frontierland’s Big Thunder Ranch is hosting a “Day of the Dead” celebration. Visit the ranch to see a skeleton display in celebration of this Latin American tradition.
  • Meet and Greets with Disney Villains: Mickey’s Halloween Party guests have unique access to Disney’s classic villains. Scattered throughout the park, the Disney villains are lurking, waiting to meet guests who dare approach them!

MY RATING – ★★★★★

Mickey’s Halloween Party is an absolutely amazing experience for any Disneyland fanatic. Having the opportunity to visit the park in costume was reason enough for me to sign up, but the extra festivities are tons of fun. Every land is foggy and tinted in dark, ominous colors, and the music playing on Main Street USA is equal parts spirited and spooky.

But the best part of Mickey’s Halloween Party is checking out the amazing variety of costumes you’ll see in the park. The first time I went, my friends and I dressed as the gang from Frozen, and we were amazed at how many unique and clever costumes we saw in the park. We ate dinner on Main Street USA to people-watch, and seeing all the different characters wander around the park was just as fun as the Halloween activities themselves.


Since this is an exclusive event that does sell out, you will not have a better time on one day versus another. I was concerned that it would be a zoo, considering it was sold out the night I went, but the park is totally manageable during this event. Since so many guests are enjoying the Halloween entertainment, you’ll have fairly short waits for the biggest rides (I walked onto Indiana Jones and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad).

Note: Buy your tickets as soon as you settle on a date. Every night of the Halloween party will completely sell out.


Every restaurant open during the Halloween Party has a few specialty desserts available, but no restaurant offers the same ones. Try a few throughout the Halloween party!


Princess Anna (my friend Shandie) and Queen Elsa (me) of Arendelle enjoying the fireworks at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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  1. Frankly I did not want to pay for a separate event because I am already an annual pass member, but you have convinced me to give it a try. This looks fun

    • I felt that way too at first. But honestly, I think it’s an event worth the price tag at least once!

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