Each year, Disneyland schedules routine maintenance and refurbishments on their attractions. These keep attractions safe, scenery pristine, and guests happy! For most of the year, these refurbishments are staggered and spread out to prevent too many closures. But during the slow period of mid-January through early March, the park schedules more closures than usual, to get as much of the park in shape as possible before spring and summer crowds roll in.

Here’s a look at this year’s tentative schedule. Please note that these dates are subject to change without advanced notice, and it’s not unusual for schedules to change as refurbishment season progresses.




Starting in January, the southern half of Paradise Pier will close in order to become Pixar Pier. The new pier has a rough opening date of “Summer 2018”, though some attractions in this section may remain closed until the summer. Note: Toy Story Midway Mania! will remain open during refurbishment.

The following attractions will be inaccessible starting January 8:

The northern half of Paradise Pier will become Paradise Park, but Disney currently doesn’t list any closures for this area. Since the “re-theming” here is largely just the name and border, there likely won’t be any closures for this refurbishment season.

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  1. Trying to plan Disneyland trip in September & Halloween themed Haunted Mansion is a MUST. Do we know what the first date it will be open after the transformation to Nightmare Before Christmas?

    • Unfortunately, Disneyland won’t release an official date until the summer. But typically, the attraction closes in late August and reopens by the second week in September.

  2. If I stay at one of the Disney hotels I heard that I could do the extra “magic” hr before park opens? Or do I have to reserve breakfast somewhere to get in?

    • Yes, you get an extra magic hour if you stay at the resort hotels, no reservations required. The extra hours alternate between Disneyland and California Adventure, depending on the day. When you check into your hotel, you’ll be informed of the schedule during your visit, or you can look it up ahead of time here: https://disneyland.disney.go.com/calendars/

  3. Hi there! Is the April 13 refurbishment end for Splash Mountain a for sure thing? We are going the following week and it would make me SO HAPPY to know my favorite ride will be up and running. My heart sank when I thought it may be closed for our trip. Thanks!

    • Hi Stacey, there are never 100% guarantees with Disneyland refurbishments unfortunately. But since there’s a specific date listed, vs. just “spring”, it’s looking good!

      • Where did you find the date for splash mountain reopening! I looked at the disney list and it was listed as TBD! Planning on going that week and would love if splash mountain was open for our last few days!!

      • Hi Alex, thanks for the heads up about the date. Disneyland unfortunately CONSTANTLY changes reopening dates, and it’s hard to catch up. Post has been updated. (And fingers crossed it has reopened by your trip!)

  4. Is there anywhere to eat with a princess that will be open at the end of March? I’m devastated Ariel’s grotto closed. 😭😭

    • Me too. It was such a cute restaurant! At this time, there are no princess dining options. The best place to meet the royal ladies is in the Fantasy Faire. So sorry 🙁 I’ll let you know if Disney adds princesses to another venue!

      • Will the Ariel ride still be open? Will we be able to take a picture in front of the mickey wheel? Farris wheel whatever it is ((I’ve never been)) lol

      • Ariel remains open! The whole front side of Paradise Pier (now called Paradise Park) is not changing or closing. You’ll be able to take a photo in front of Mickey’s Fun Wheel from that side, with a nice angle including the water!

    • Hi Tara, I haven’t seen that on any refurb calendars. So hopefully you read that wrong! If I find out about a scheduled closure, I’ll be sure to update this post.

  5. We are headed there Feb 4th, if we don’t see It’s a Small World this go around (second attempt) you might just see the next Clark Griswold on the news aka me! Lol 😂

    • Hahah! Small World should be open by then. It typically doesn’t open late, since they’re just removing the holiday overlay. Crossing my fingers for you!

  6. What is the likelihood that the incredicoaster and Mickey’s Fun Wheel will be open in early May? Is that considered summer?

    • Hi Barbara! Generally speaking, the summer season at the Disneyland Resort starts in late May. When Disneyland releases an official opening date for Pixar Pier’s attractions, I’ll be sure to update this post.

    • I heard it stayed open a little longer than expected! From the concept images, it looks like a carousel will stay in that spot, but I can’t tell what the theming is.

    • Pixar Pier is slated for a vague reopening of “Summer 2018”. But when it reopens, California Screamin’ will be the Incredicoaster. I would think in the next few months we’ll get more details about the official opening of this area.

  7. I actually talked to Disney two days ago, and was told that Toy Story Mania will be accessible and running during the changing over to Pixar Pier!

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