Each year, Disneyland schedules routine maintenance and refurbishments on their attractions. These keep attractions safe, scenery pristine, and guests happy! For most of the year, these refurbishments are staggered and spread out to prevent too many closures. But during the slow period of mid-January through early March, the park schedules more closures than usual, to get as much of the park in shape as possible before spring and summer crowds roll in.

Here’s a look at this year’s tentative schedule. Please note that these dates are subject to change without advanced notice, and it’s not unusual for schedules to change as refurbishment season progresses.




Starting in January, the southern half of Paradise Pier will close in order to become Pixar Pier. The new pier has a rough opening date of “Summer 2018”, though some attractions in this section may remain closed until the summer. Note: Toy Story Midway Mania! will remain open during refurbishment.

The following attractions will be inaccessible starting January 8:

The northern half of Paradise Pier will become Paradise Park, but Disney currently doesn’t list any closures for this area. Since the “re-theming” here is largely just the name and border, there likely won’t be any closures for this refurbishment season.

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    • Pixar Pier is slated for a vague reopening of “Summer 2018”. But when it reopens, California Screamin’ will be the Incredicoaster. I would think in the next few months we’ll get more details about the official opening of this area.

  1. I actually talked to Disney two days ago, and was told that Toy Story Mania will be accessible and running during the changing over to Pixar Pier!

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