2016 is winding down, but the holiday party at the Disneyland Resort is still going strong! If you’re visiting the resort for New Year’s Eve, you can participate in several special events, purchase limited edition merchandise, and enjoy the last of the holiday decorations before they disappear in January.


Before you head into the park for NYE, it’s important to level-set your expectations. It will be cold, it will be busy, and it will be a little overwhelming. Given the massive crowds, you will not get around as easily as you would on a normal park day. But everyone in the park is there for the same reason – to ring in the new year with some magic. So take in your surroundings, and focus on the celebration, rather than standard theme-parking.

Ringing in 2017 at the Disneyland Resort


Disneyland and California Adventure both ramp up the entertainment as the sun sets on December 31st. Aside from the roaming bands, characters, and usual meet & greets, you can also stake out a spot for the scheduled parades and events:


  • Christmas Fantasy Parade (1pm and 3:15 pm)
  • Paint the Night Parade (6:15 pm)
  • Fireworks (9 pm with east coast countdown and midnight with west coast countdown)
  • Snowfall on Main Street (after each fireworks performance)

California Adventure

  • World of Color – Season of Light (8:30pm and 10:15pm)
  • Festival of the Holidays (opens gradually throughout the afternoon)

You can also order special NYE dinners if you make reservations at the Blue Bayou, Cafe Orleans, Carnation Cafe, Carthay Circle, Napa Rose, the PCH Grill, or Steakhouse 55. Plus, all of the resort’s bakeries will feature special NYE treats and desserts.

And don’t forget to grab your party hats – you can get them for free in Frontierland, Paradise Pier, and Hollywood Land after sunset!


And finally, the Disneyland Resort has special locations where you can watch the countdown as the clock strikes midnight.


California Adventure

  • Paradise Bay
  • Back plaza in Hollywood Land (former site of Mad T Party)

One last tip! After the clock strikes midnight, don’t rush out of the park. Take a few minutes to walk around and appreciate the beautiful landscape as tired partygoers flood the exits. Park close is a great time to get some scenic photos without the crowds.

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