Whether you’re a frequent park visitor or just completely obsessed with all things Disney, there are always tons of things to discover inside the Disneyland Resort. Check out the Scavenger Hunt series to find lists of hidden details within both parks. You can make it a competition within your group to see who finds the most, race to see who can find them all first, or take a more relaxed approach and seek out as many items as you can while you navigate the park!

Note: Items are listed from easiest to most challenging.

A Peek Into The Past

This scavenger hunt is all about park history. All of the items on this list are structures that have either been refurbished or left alone after their associated attraction or restaurant left the park.

The List

  1. Jolly Trolley station
  2. PeopleMover loading station
  3. Fort Wilderness
  4. Former ticket kiosks (2)
  5. Mine Train cave
  6. Phantom Boats dock
  7. Skyway steps
  8. Starcade X-Wing
  9. Swiss Family Robinson phonograph
  10. Mineral Hall window


  1. One land other than Main Street USA has trolley tracks. Maybe you should follow them!
  2. The PeopleMover was part of the “transportation of the future”, giving riders an aerial view of the park. Try heading somewhere futuristic and look to the skies.
  3. Fort Wilderness sits between the two wilder country lands in the park, and is surrounded on every side but its front by water.
  4. Both kiosks stand close to one another, both are tall and rounded structures, and both serve an important purpose: they display the signs for dark rides.
  5. Don’t rush too quickly as you pass between Fantasyland and Frontierland; take in the views along the trail.
  6. The Phantom Boats sped around the waters of Tomorrowland, but not in the lagoon with the submarines. Too bad back then there was no snowy mountain to look at!
  7. The Skyway had two loading platforms, one in Tomorrowland and one in Fantasyland. Though both have since left the park, the steps leading up to the Fantasyland station are still around, nearby a noisy train.
  8. The X-Wing is a speeding aircraft that once hung from the ceiling of the Starcade. Today, it flies above a place where you can build your own lightsaber.
  9. The Swiss Family Robinson used to make their home high in the treetops. When they moved out, their new tenant found their phonograph and loved it so much, he put it on display!
  10. Mineral Hall was once a bustling shop in a little mining town. Today, an outdoor restaurant bears its name on a window overlooking the patio.


  1. Head into Mickey’s Toontown, and look to your left. You’ll see the Jolly Trolley parked at the station, right in the center of the street.
  2. You can view the PeopleMover station from almost anywhere in Tomorrowland; it’s the tall, rounded structure connected to the white track above the main walkway.
  3. Take the raft to Tom Sawyer Island, and follow the dirt road all the way to the back. You’ll see Fort Wilderness standing on top of a small hill, overlooking the waterfront.
  4. Both kiosks stand in eastern Fantasyland, near the Mad Tea Party. The first is the Storybook Land lighthouse, and the second is the Alice in Wonderland toadstool.
  5. On the path between Fantasyland and Frontierland, you’ll see a small pond. Look across the pond to find the Mine Train cave.
  6. If you are standing at the entrance to the Matterhorn, turn left and walk down the sloped walkway. You’ll see the dock (which is now a seating area) extending into the water.
  7. Start at the Casey Jr Circus Train, at the western end of Fantasyland. Head toward the Frontierland trail, and look to your right. You’ll see the Skyway steps just beyond the Casey Jr. track, tucked away in the trees.
  8. Go into the Star Trader gift shop in Tomorrowland, and look up at the ceiling. You’ll see the X-Wing hanging on display.
  9. At the end of the Tarzan’s Treehouse walkthrough (in Adventureland), there’s an assortment of collectibles on tables. The blue phonograph is at the front of the table, usually playing some of the Swiss Family Robinson’s music.
  10. Head into Rancho del Zocalo in Frontierland. Walk through the indoor dining room and over to the outdoor patio. Look up at the second floor windows along the building, and you should see “Mineral Hall” in gold letters.

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