Disneyland was Walt Disney’s happy place. He came to the park for inspiration, to bring his stories to life, and to test the limits of entertainment technologies. Though Disneyland looks incredibly different from how Walt left it, the key elements he loved the most remain park highlights.

This scavenger hunt will lead you on a trip down memory lane, with stops at 10 of Walt’s favorite places in Disneyland.

Note: Items are listed from easiest to most challenging, but you can find them in any order you want!

The List

  1. Steam Engine
  2. On Golden Horseback
  3. Black Flag
  4. Mister and His Motorcars
  5. Birds of Paradise
  6. Author at Sea
  7. Waterfront Breakfast
  8. Dinner Theater
  9. Old School Film House
  10. Home Away From Home


  1. Walt’s lifelong obsession with this classic transportation system meant it would definitely be a highlight of Disneyland.
  2. The idea of Disneyland came from an afternoon in Griffith Park. Walt sat on a bench and watched his daughters take a spin on this classic amusement, and of course had to have one in his own park.
  3. This attraction was the last one Walt helped develop and design before his death in 1966. He knew this treacherous sailing adventure would be a smash hit, but he sadly died before its completion.
  4. Walt didn’t like to be called Mr., and he said there was only one Mr. in Disneyland…the owner of the hall that houses a classic dark ride.
  5. The concept for this attraction changed several times, before Walt and the Imagineers settled on a show hosted by four feathered friends.
  6. Walt had to include a tribute to his favorite author somewhere in the park. Legend has it Walt would visit this attraction and take a ride on the water whenever he needed some cheering up.
  7. This waterfront patio was supposedly Walt’s favorite place to eat breakfast in the park. Today, it sits at the corner where three lands meet.
  8. Disneyland’s wildest land has been home to a gorgeous theater for decades. Walt loved to stop by this spot for comfort food and a western show!
  9. Walt Disney started as an animator, not a theme park giant. This small film house in Disneyland’s old-fashioned land plays the classic black and white reels that started the Disney empire.
  10. Did you know Walt had a tiny apartment inside Disneyland? He loved this prime spot, perfect for watching excited visitors enter the park.


  1. You can find this attraction circling the outside of Disneyland…the Disneyland Railroad!
  2. Walk through the castle drawbridge and into Fantasyland. The attraction in front of you is the classic King Arthur Carrousel, a magical version of the carousel that sparked Walt’s imagination all those years ago.
  3. Head into New Orleans Square to visit this headliner: Pirates of the Caribbean.
  4. Go to Fantasyland, in the center courtyard behind the castle. To the left of Peter Pan’s Flight, you’ll see Toad Hall, home to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.
  5. If you start on Main Street, enter Adventureland by crossing the main bridge. Look to your left, and you’ll see…the Enchanted Tiki Room!
  6. Head over to Frontierland, and walk down the main path until you reach the Rivers of America. You’ll see the Mark Twain Riverboat, one of Walt’s favorite places to relax.
  7. Walk through Adventureland or Frontierland toward New Orleans Square, and stop near the entrance to Pirates. The three lands converge into one spot. Look at the building sandwiched between Frontierland and Adventureland, and you’ll spot this restaurant: the River Belle Terrace.
  8. If you enter Frontierland through the main entrance, keep to the left of the main path. The Golden Horseshoe will be at the end, just before the Rivers of America.
  9. Head to Main Street USA. On the eastern side (the side with the Market House), toward the end with the gates, you’ll see the Main Street Cinema.
  10. At the entryway plaza on Main Street, below the Railroad station, you’ll notice a few connected buildings next to City Hall. One of these buildings is the Main Street Fire House. Walt’s Apartment occupies the second story of the building, and you can see a light glowing in the window, symbolizing Walt’s remaining presence in the park.

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  1. The Golden Horseshoe is awesome. I always worry it would close because so many people ignore it but it’s beautiful inside.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Miguel! The interior of the Golden Horseshoe is stunning. I love it!

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