Whether you’re a frequent park visitor or just completely obsessed with all things Disney, there are always tons of things to discover inside the Disneyland Resort. Check out the Scavenger Hunt series to find lists of hidden details within both parks. You can make it a competition within your group to see who finds the most, race to see who can find them all first, or take a more relaxed approach and seek out as many items as you can while you navigate the park!

This scavenger hunt will having you looking to the skies for rooftop treasure: weather vanes! These ornamental details scattered throughout the parks usually tie into their surrounding area, and always add a little something special to the skyline.

Note: Items are listed from easiest to most challenging, but you can find the in any order you want!

The List

  1. Hungry Crocodile
  2. The Jolly Roger
  3. Motorcar
  4. Haunted Ship
  5. High Flying Plane
  6. Miss Gadget Hackwrench
  7. Mary Poppins
  8. Whale
  9. Rooster
  10. Sail


  1. This legendary crocodile has been memorialized as a weather vane atop a dark ride based on his film. Now he spends his time watching and waiting for the chance to eat a famous pirate’s other hand.
  2. The crocodile’s home has a unique distinction; it’s the only building in the park with two weather vanes. The other pays tribute to that famous pirate’s legendary ship, the Jolly Roger.
  3. The motorcar towers over a grand hall, home to a chaotic ride through London, thanks to a certain zany amphibian at the wheel.
  4. This weather vane can be found at the top of a building with waterfront views and a wrap-around porch.
  5. One of two California Adventure weather vanes on this list, the High Flying Plane gets swept up in the winds from frequent (and chaotic) air traffic!
  6. Gadget Hackwrench doesn’t just have an attraction to her name, she has a weather vane too.
  7. Mary Poppins uses her famous umbrella to help her float above a cheerful Main Street eatery (where a spoon full of sugar always helps the medicine go down!)
  8. This weather vane overlooks a peaceful waterfront patio, where guests can watch ships sail into the harbor (or harbour, if you look at a nearby sign).
  9. The rooster anchors a busy corner of Main Street, and guests can admire him from a certain restaurant’s semi-enclosed patio.
  10. This weather vane, also in California Adventure, is the only one on this list without at least a vague connection to its building. It’s in the shape of a red sail, and can be found somewhere in Pixar Pier.


  1. Look to the rooftop of Peter Pan’s Flight. The Crocodile is on the right, above the stained glass windows.
  2. Peter Pan’s Flight also houses the Jolly Roger weather vane. Look to the left; it stands at the very top of the turret.
  3. Visit Toad Hall in Fantasyland (home to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride), and you’ll find the motorcar weather vane.
  4. The Haunted Ship towers over the mysterious Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square.
  5. To find the High Flying Plane, head to Paradise Park. Follow the main path toward Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta, and you’ll see Goofy’s Sky School (and its weather vane) on the right.
  6. Visit Gadget’s Go Coaster in Mickey’s Toontown. The weather vane stands at the tip of the loading building’s pointed roof.
  7. You can find the Mary Poppins weather vane at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Café.
  8. The whale weather vane is part of the Harbour Galley’s small façade. To find this weather vane, head toward the Haunted Mansion, and then turn toward the Rivers of America. The restaurant and patio should be right in front of you, just before the main pathway to Critter Country.
  9. On Main Street USA’s hub (near the castle), you’ll find a popular comfort-food restaurant: Plaza Inn. The gold rooster shines on the Plaza Inn’s roof.
  10. Swing by Toy Story Midway Mania, and you’ll see this weather vane above the attraction’s red roof (to the right of the main sign).

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