Sometimes the long lines for the big rides in the park can be incredibly frustrating. You forgot to grab a fast pass, and now you’re stuck with a big wait. But all hope is not lost, thanks to the Single Rider lines! Single Rider lines, like fast pass lines, allow guests to cut past a lot of the waits. The catch? Your party will be split up, as single riders fill gaps formed by groups with uneven numbers. Here is everything you need to know about Single Rider lines:

WHO – Anyone with a valid park ticket. And unlike fast pass, you don’t have to show your ticket to enter the Single Rider line. If your kids are going into the Single Rider line, make sure they meet the height requirement for each ride.

WHAT – The Single Rider line is a separate loading line used on major rides when parties in the regular line leave open spaces.

WHEN – Anytime a ride is open, the Single Rider line is open.

WHERE – Most rides have a sign guiding riders to the Single Rider line. If you don’t see one, ask a cast member and they will direct you to the right spot.

WHY – Single Rider lines are best for either really crowded days in the park, or to skip the line on major rides you will want to visit multiple times during your stay. While some people are intimidated by the idea of splitting up their parties, I say to grab a fast pass if you want a group photo, and otherwise just meet up at the exit!

HOW – When you enter the Single Rider line, a cast member will give you a single rider card. Hold onto the card until you reach the loading area, and another cast member will take the card when you board the ride. Aside from the card, the Single Rider line works the same as any other line.



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