Smoking Areas

Disneyland is largely a non-smoking resort, but there are a few designated smoking areas in the parks, and in the Disneyland Resort hotels. The following is the complete list of smoking areas at the resort, noted by the nearest attraction:


Matterhorn Bobsleds – This smoking area is on the border between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. If you are facing the entrance to the Matterhorn, turn left and head toward the lagoon. You’ll see the smoking area on your left, next to part of the Autopia track.

Pirate’s Lair dock – To find this smoking area, head through New Orleans Square, toward Critter Country. The smoking area is on the lower dock, just after the raft landing for Pirate’s Lair.


Mad T Party – This smoking area is the most hidden at the resort, so it can be a little tricky to find. Head toward the Mad T Party stages in Hollywood Land, near the Monsters Inc. ride. When you see the House of Cards building, keep to the right and head around the back. You’ll see a small open area designated for smoking.

Grizzly River Run – Start at the entrance to the Grizzly River Run, and head right, toward Paradise Park. You’ll see the smoking area on your left, next to the River Run’s lift at the start of the ride.


Each Disneyland Resort Hotel has its own designated smoking areas for guests. Ask a cast member at check-in, and they can help you locate the smoking area nearest to your room.


There is no smoking at any after-hours event (like the Halloween party). Usual smoking areas are closed, and guests will not be permitted to smoke during the event.

Guests are also permitted to smoke in the Disneyland plaza between gates, and in the open areas of Downtown Disney. There is no smoking in any shop, restaurant, or restroom at the resort, even in Downtown Disney.

If you have any specific questions about smoking areas or policies at the Disneyland Resort, stop by City Hall or the Guest Relations Lobbies during your visit.

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