Disneyland is a walking park, with little in the way of transportation from end to end. But if someone in your group needs a little help getting around, there are several options for daily rental.

The rental center for wheelchairs, strollers, and ECVs (electric conveyance vehicles) sits right on the esplanade between the two parks. To find the rental center, face the entrance to Disneyland. On the right hand side of the gates, you’ll see a small white building with a red roof.

Wheelchair, Stroller, & ECV Rentals

An important note: you cannot reserve a stroller, wheelchair, or an ECV ahead of time. Make sure you leave time to wait in line at the rental center before starting your day. My advice? If you can hold off on your rental for a little while (more applicable for strollers), consider waiting until mid-morning to visit the center. The line dramatically fades as the day goes on.


Each guest can rent up to two strollers per day, for use in both Disneyland and California Adventure. Every land in the parks has designated sections for stroller parking, and you don’t need to get in a separate line for park admission. For pricing information and rental details, visit the stroller rental site here.

Note: You cannot bring rented strollers into Downtown Disney. If you want to visit Downtown Disney, you will be required to leave your stroller behind! Just bring it back to the stroller center, and you can pick it up when you are done in Downtown Disney.


Disneyland offers two kinds of vehicles for guests: manual wheelchairs or electric scooters. Both vehicles require the renter to be over 18, and have weight limits and restrictions. Like the strollers, rented wheelchairs & ECVs can be used in both parks, but are not permitted in Downtown Disney. For pricing information and rental details, visit the wheelchair site here, and the ECV site here.

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  1. I had no idea that there was a weight limit when renting a wheelchair. It makes sense that providers would want to make sure they protect their equipment so they would put limits as to how their chairs are used. WE are planning on going on vacation in a few months and want to make sure we find a company that can provide a wheelchair for my mom since we can take her chair with us.

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