App Name: While You Wait

Company Name: Brett Rounsaville

App Price: $1.99

Free version: No



While You Wait is a scavenger hunt app that challenges park guests to find hidden details as they wait in line. To play, select the land you’re visiting, and flip through the clue photos to find different items. If you get really stuck, you can use hints to help you find the locations of each photo. Once you’ve found a scavenger hunt item, you can check it off and mark your progress.

As an added bonus, each land has an “Around the Land” list, not specific to any line. So if you want to check out details of a certain land when you aren’t in line, this feature can show you all that each land has to offer!


MY RATING – ★★★☆☆

If you’re bored in line or have some downtime in the park, this app is fairly entertaining. It’s most useful for keeping little ones busy in line, and can give you something to do if you opt out of bigger rides and are waiting for the rest of your group to finish. However, the app is fairly limited, as it does not include any of California Adventure. For groups with little kids, or for guests with some downtime, this app is a fun way to pass the time.


The app also has a “park wide” feature, where you can spin a wheel to generate random scavenger items to find. These are mostly related to different guests, with items like “kid with an ice cream cone” or “fanny pack”.

There’s also a map feature, which has a birds eye view of the park and has options to highlight restaurants, bathrooms, and shopping. However, I’ve never been able to use this feature without the app crashing, or if it does open, none of the restaurants in the park appear on the map.

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