Character Autograph Frame

I’ve never been a big fan of autograph books. They’re awesome ways to keep track of all the characters you’ve met, but honestly, how often do you sit down to flip through them? So I’m always on the hunt for more creative ways to show off my autographs. A recent trip to Michaels gave me some inspiration; why not turn a picture frame into an autographed souvenir?

Character Autograph Frame

What you’ll need:

  • Frame
  • Sharpies (bring several, in case one dies in the park!)
  • A picture from your trip
  • Optional: paint & paintbrush, if you don’t have a plastic frame
  • Optional: clear coat for sealing signatures at home

Note: For this project, it’s important to pick a frame that is easy to carry around with you. Most craft stores have a good selection of wood, corkboard, or plastic in different sizes. I went with a small wooden one that was the perfect size to throw in my bag, and it was only a dollar!


  1. If you don’t have a plastic frame, give your frame a nice coat of paint. Let dry for 24 hours, so it’s really dry and the sharpie will write clearly. I chose to use one sharpie for all the autographs, but you could easily use multiple colors, or even designate a color for each different character!

  1. Bring your frame into the park, and get those autographs! A word to the wise: keep your frame in your hands for about five minutes after each autograph, to let the sharpie dry. Otherwise, you might end up with smudges when you throw it back in your bag.
  1. When you get home, choose a picture from your trip and put it in the frame. If you want, you can add a clear coat to seal the autographs before adding your photo.

And that’s it! Now you can proudly display your autographs for all to see. With this DIY, the options are endless; just make sure you don’t mind lugging around whatever you choose!

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