I don’t know about you, but I feel like I just eat all day long at Disneyland. With churro and popcorn stands on every corner, I just can’t help but stop and grab snacks as I walk around. Most people don’t think twice about these snack stands, but they too share in each land’s theming. Which brings us to another series of hidden gems: the Popcorn Turners!

Inside each booth, a tiny worker carefully turns the popcorn crank.

In Tomorrowland, you’ll see tiny astronauts on a break from exploring space. By the Matterhorn, you’ll find a mini yeti making snacks for his friends. And in New Orleans Square, you’ll see some slightly unsettling butlers with ghostly features.

Whether or not you eat popcorn as you explore Disneyland, it’s fun to check out all the different turners in each land. No two are alike, and each pays tribute to nearby attractions, characters, or cast members.

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