June 2010 – present


Paradise Pier – On the water overlooking Mickey’s Fun Wheel and California Screamin’. To view World of Color, head to your designated fast pass tier, or ask a cast member for assistance.


When California Adventure began its major expansion from 2007-2012, Imagineers wanted to create a show somewhat like Fantasmic! that would draw crowds to the pier. Thus World of Color was born, and it has continuously been evolving and growing ever since. Unlike Fantasmic!, which features live actors and animatronics, World of Color sticks to the original Disney animations, displaying them on an incredibly massive scale.



  • Single Rider Line – no
  • Fast Pass – yes
  • Height Requirement – none
  • Duration – 27:00

This half-hour show is a musical and visual spectacular. Audiences stand along the pier, and the water along the wharf suddenly comes to life as 1,200 multi-colored fountains shoot into the sky. The shooting water forms a massive screen that projects songs and scenes from classic Disney films, as well as newer favorites, before finishing with an original score and a massive water show (with the occasional pyrotechnic tricks!)

MY RATING: ★★★★★

World of Color is incredibly unique, and no photos do it justice. It’s actually really moving, and Disney-fanatics like myself can’t help but sing along. The show truly captures the spirit of Disney magic, and is a must-see at least once.


If you can, I highly recommend signing up for a World of Color dinner package. You can book dinner through Disney Dining at either Ariel’s Grotto or the Wine Country Trattoria. Either package includes a three-course meal at a set price, and fast passes for the show, which put you right up in the front of the viewing area. The Ariel’s Grotto dinner package is a better plan for families with children, as most of the time this restaurant is character dining, and the Wine Country Trattoria is a good option for older families or those who want a more “grown up” dining experience. (Note: neither package dinner menu is available online, but you usually have a choice of a soup or salad, a pasta/meat/fish option, and an assortment of mini desserts.)

For guests that don’t want to eat at either restaurant, you have to get fast passes as soon as the park opens. I’ve tried to watch the show without a fast pass, and unless you are in the front half of the crowd, you can’t see anything. To get a fast pass, visit the World of Color fast pass kiosks adjacent to the Grizzly River Run entrance. If you have trouble finding the kiosks, ask a cast member and they can point you in the right direction.

The best place to watch the show with fast passes or a dining package is on the second tier from the front, toward the right. You will think you are off-center if you stick to the right side, but once the show starts you will be centered. If you stand on the first tier, you are 100% guaranteed to get wet during the show. From the second tier, the most I’ve ever experienced is a thorough misting at the grand finale. Pro tip: stake out your spot 30-40 minutes before the show starts!


World of Color occasionally updates and changes the lineup, so don’t write it off after you’ve seen it once.

The water screen uses 17 million pixels. For comparison, an average HD TV uses just over 2 million.

During the show, water shoots between 30 and 150 feet high, and reaches up to 200 feet during the finale.

Pay close attention at the end of the show, and you’ll see a small orange fountain glowing in the water. This fountain is nicknamed “Squirt”, and supposedly represents the spirit of Walt Disney.

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