If you’ve ever read this blog before, you know I’m obsessed with New Orleans Square. Every street and alleyway has hidden secrets to uncover! And if you ever find yourself wandering the alleys, you may just bump into a mysterious pirate: Fortune Red.

Drop a coin into Red’s mysterious trunk, and he may just send you a message from the deep.

Your mysterious fortune will come in the form of a two-sided card. On the front, you’ll learn a bit about the famous Jolly Roger (no, not Captain Hook’s ship!).

And on the back, your fortune.

My fortune reads:

An old an’ trusted shipmate will offer advice regardin’ a salty venture.Ye be inclined to chart a safe course an’ vary it nary a point. Ye be suspect o’ surface glitter an’ frown on speculation. Aye, but here be a thought, matey. Arrange to meet yer old shipmate here in the jolly atmosphere o’ Disneyland – lend an ear to his suggestions – o’erhaul the odds. Har! There could be more in it fer ye than meets the ruddy eye. Mark well me words matey: Ye’ll ne’er catch a fish with a naked hook.

2 comments on “Fortune Red”

    • Yes, there is another fortune teller on Main Street, at the entrance to the Penny Arcade. But Fortune Red is the pirate fortune teller, so he hangs out in New Orleans Square.

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