July 1966 – present


New Orleans Square – Follow the main path toward the Haunted Mansion and you’ll find the French Market on the left, just after Café Orleans.



  • Service Type – quick service
  • Seating – outdoor enclosed patio
  • Reservations – no
  • Entertainment – live music throughout the day
  • Menu

Diners looking for a relaxing lunch complete with live music need look no further than the French Market. Guests purchase meals inside the market, and then can enjoy their food on the adjacent covered patio overlooking the Rivers of America. Whether guests are having lunch, enjoying an afternoon snack, or stopping for an evening dinner on the waterfront, they are in for a wonderful dining experience in New Orleans Square.

MY RATING – ★★★★☆

The French Market is one of the best places to eat in western Disneyland. The food is good, but what makes the Market such a great stop is the patio. Even though the French Market is on the main drag of New Orleans Square, it feels very private, and the live music makes your dining experience all the more fun. If you’re looking for a Cajun lunch or want some live entertainment while you eat, the French Market is an excellent choice.


  • Royal Street Chicken Caesar Salad
  • French Quarter Chicken
  • New Orleans Mint Julep


Like many restaurants in Disneyland, the French Market had an official sponsor – Stouffer’s – but has not had any official sponsorship since 2008.

The French Market is the only restaurant in New Orleans Square with live entertainment. However, diners in all of the land’s restaurants receive periodic entertainment from the traveling “Bootleggers Pirate Band”, which performs along the waterfront in New Orleans Square several times per day.

5 comments on “French Market Restaurant”

  1. Disappointed with the current French market. I worked there in the 1990s and both the atmosphere and food were much better back then. Miss the candles on the tables and the way the tables used to be bussed (I was a bussing lead). Menu used to be much more extensive.

    • I think they should re-do the space to be “Tiana’s Place”. Opportunity for new theme, updated menu, and some more details like candles on the tables! It’s such a beautiful space and while I like the restaurant, I feel like it’s also somewhat a wasted opportunity.

      • I guess that I am more of a traditionalist. I really liked it the way it the way it used to be. It had a much more elegant feel. A classic that shouldn’t have been messed with. They have made it too casual. I agree that something needs to be done though. The current set up needs improvement.

      • I wish I could’ve seen it when it was more elegant! Sounds wonderful. Especially with the beautiful patio and stage.

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