Mickey’s Toontown may be a busy city center, but a few residents still manage to have beautiful yards. Goofy, in particular, has a small playground on the side of his house. En route to the playground, observant visitors will spot a raised bed poking out of the shade. You’ve stumbled into Goofy’s Garden!

Goofy's Garden

Goofy grows a variety of veggies, each with a handmade sign. He even has a scarecrow…though it doesn’t seem to scare many crows. Goofy also has a handy shed to store his tools, soil, and other gardening supplies.

Goofy’s Garden perfectly models what Disneyland does best: taking a small, open space, and making it into something special. If Goofy happens to be home when you visit, tell him how much you love his garden! He’ll be very excited to have his work appreciated.

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