One of the quieter and more scenic areas in the park has always been Critter Country; its restaurants offer beautiful waterfront views, and its décor is charming. But did you know about its hidden gem? If you follow the Harbour Galley deck, toward the Hungry Bear Restaurant, you will see some corner tables and a few stairs. Follow the stairs and you’ll arrive at the Hidden Path to Critter Country.

The path has some awesome and private views of the Rivers of America and Splash Mountain. In fact, if you look down, you can see riders just after they’ve made the big plunge, and can snap photos of your friends and family’s reactions! The path lets out right in front of Splash Mountain, and offers a great view of Critter Country. Next time you’re at Disneyland, check out this hidden gem; it’s a fun detail that will make you feel like a Disney expert.

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