Adventureland has always captured my imagination. In fact, it was the very first topic I wrote about for the blog. There’s just something exciting and inspiring about wandering beneath the treetops, with busy markets and mysterious pathways around every corner. Join me as I take a walk through Disneyland’s remote jungle!

Lands in Pictures: Adventureland


2 comments on “Lands In Pictures: Adventureland”

  1. When I first visited Disneyland as a 5-year old, Tomorrowland, with the big Moonliner rocket, was my favorite. But the other most vivid memory of that first visit was the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland. As an adult returning with my own young children, and later as they grew up, my favorite became Adventureland. I love how the different attractions like the Jungle Cruise, Tarzan’s Treehouse, and the Indiana Jones Adventure blend together so well. And I think now Indiana Jones is my favorite attraction in the park– so well designed that even the wait in line is part of the fun.

    • I completely agree, John! Everything seems to fit together as if it had been there all along. And I think Indiana Jones has a very clever queue; they knew people would wait in long lines, and basically built it out as part of the attraction. It’s very unique!

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