My favorite land at the Disneyland Resort is New Orleans Square. It’s uniquely designed to be an intricate series of alleyways, rather than an open space. Every street has its own personality, and the shop fronts are absolutely gorgeous. Here are just a few photos of Disneyland’s magical little square on the waterfront.

Lands in Pictures: New Orleans Square

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  1. New Orleans Square is my favorite “land” in Disneyland as well. One of my most favorite things to do in the park is to grab a julep and beignets from the window in French Market and sit and listen to the band. Truly magical. I was stoked last November when The Wife and I visited for my birthday and I actually got to sit in the cab of a locomotive and cross the tracks to the New Orleans Square train station! Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity!

    Aside, I want to give you a big virtual high five on the site here. You’ve become my favorite Disneyland blogger, and I’ve been directing folks your way when they have questions about Disneyland for upcoming trips and such. As a writer myself, I really appreciate your succinct but evocative writing style, and your insights are always right on. So thanks for creating this happy little place on the web for us Disneyland-lovers-from-afar! It’s a nice place to stop in for a Disneyland fix!

    • This made my day, Jeff! Thank you so much for your kind message. I love writing this blog because it gives me the chance to connect with other Disneylanders, and I’ve learned SO many new things about the park since I started.

      I know exactly what you mean about the NOS station; a few months ago I got to do the same (due to the railroad’s current closure). I loved sitting in the train, but to be honest, I was even more excited about crossing over to the other side of the tracks! Seeing the telegraph office up close was so cool, and hard to describe to someone else who doesn’t “get it”. 🙂

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