Penny Arcade

July 1955 – present


Main Street USA – The Penny Arcade is hard to miss; it’s the largest open façade on the street. If you walk toward the castle, you’ll see it on the left side, just after Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor.



  • Merchandise – candy, pastries, souvenir tins
  • Price Range – largely inexpensive, with most items under $20
  • Unique Features – Several hidden gems including an Orchestrion, Esmeralda the Fortune Teller, and antique arcade machines

The Penny Arcade is one of the busiest shops on Main Street. Visitors that enter the shop step back in time, into an old-fashioned candy shop with massive spiraling lollipops, fresh caramel apples, and chocolates in beautiful tins. The name of the shop is a misnomer; you won’t find much resembling an arcade these days. But if you’re looking for some sweet souvenirs from your trip, the Penny Arcade is a wonderful place to shop.


Thanks to the large and open floorplan, the Penny Arcade is rarely difficult to navigate. That being said, avoid this spot at two main times of day: parade time and at park closing. During parades, crowds stream through Main Street’s shop in order to enter or exit the park, and traffic flow makes it tough to find your way around the store. And at park close, tons of guests stop in for a last second purchase, making for long lines at the register.


The Penny Arcade used to be much more of an arcade, with old-school games scattered throughout the shop. While a few still remain, many of these machines have disappeared over the years to make room for more candy displays.

The Arcade’s interior resembles a vintage Victorian shop, complete with painted crown-molding any tiny round lightbulbs all along the ceiling beams.

Though today the marquee shines in bright red, the original color was actually a much duller grey-green.

After the park closes, the shop’s massive entryway is covered by a heavy curtain.

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