Storyteller's Cafe


Grand Californian Hotel – When you reach the lobby, head to the back of the hotel, by the pools. You’ll exit through the doors and head down a walkway, and the Storytellers Café will be on your left.



  • Service Type – table service
  • Seating – several dining rooms
  • Entertainment – character breakfast
  • Menu

If you’re looking to eat breakfast with some of Mickey’s animal friends, the Storytellers Café is the spot for you. Chip and Dale host a character buffet every morning, and the guest list includes Koda and Kenai from Brother Bear, Meeko from Pocahontas, and Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Bear, and Br’er Fox of Splash Mountain fame.

Later in the day, the Storytellers Café is a quiet, quaint dining room offering lunch and dinner selections. With the same architectural and decorative style as the Grand Californian, the Café is one of the most detailed dining rooms in the resort.

MY RATING – ★★★☆☆

The reason to visit the Storytellers Café is for the character breakfast. The buffet has a big selection of breakfast options, and there are always plenty of characters circulating and interacting with guests. If you are staying at the Grand Californian, you get the added bonus of being right next door to the hotel’s private entrance into California Adventure, so you can start your day right after you eat!

Lunch and dinner both have table service, minus the character dining, with the option of a dinner buffet or the standard dinner menu. The Storytellers Café’s food is ok, but it’s very expensive compared to the dining options inside the parks. I’d recommend the Café if you want a character breakfast, but otherwise, I’d look elsewhere for lunch and dinner.


  • Farmer’s Market Breakfast Buffet


The murals on the back walls of the dining room are hand painted.

If you ask your server, you can take home a Chip and Dale button to commemorate your visit.

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