Crocodile Mercantile

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November 1988 – April 2003


Critter Country – The Crocodile Mercantile was the first gift shop opened in the newly named Critter Country (formerly Bear Country). This shop sat at the very end of the land, next to the exit to Splash Mountain. Today, this space belongs to Pooh’s Corner.



  • Merchandise – Splash Mountain merchandise, handmade toys, and jewelry
  • Unique Features – Massive netted crocodile hanging from the ceiling

Critter Country explorers found refuge in the Crocodile Mercantile. It was a place to dry off after a trip on Splash Mountain, a cool spot to shop and escape the heat during the summer, and the perfect chance to buy handmade stocking stuffers during the holidays. The Mercantile sold a variety of country goods, but the real reason to visit was to catch a glimpse of the massive crocodile suspended from the rafters.


Though the Crocodile Mercantile became a fairly popular shop in the park, franchises generally win out in the end at Disneyland. When Winnie the Pooh’s ride arrived in Critter Country, it was no surprise that the gift shops quickly changed to match its theming. The Mercantile became Pooh’s Corner in the mid 2000s, changing from a quaint country shop to a more traditional Disney gift shop, with an emphasis on Winnie the Pooh goods.


In the 80s and 90s, the Mercantile sold cigarettes!

Before it became crocodile-themed, this shop was a country store known as Ursus H. Bear’s Wilderness Outpost.

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