puffinbakeshop1 Source: Matterhorn 1959

July 1955 – June 1960


Main Street USA – The Bakery had one of the best locations on Main Street, just to the left of the grand Penny Arcade entrance. Park visitors would find the Puffin Bakery on the west side, just before the intersection with the small cross street.



  • Service Type – quick service
  • Seating – limited indoor seating
  • Entertainment – none

The Puffin Bake Shop was just one of several different Main Street USA bakeries on Opening Day in 1955. At the time, virtually none of the shops sold standard Disney merchandise like we see today. Instead, each really operated as a unique shop, most with non-Disney items. Puffin sold a large selection of pastries and snacks, but none of its pastries were Disney themed (almost unheard of now!). Leisurely snackers could enjoy a seat at the table next to the window, while busier guests grabbed a pastry on the way to the castle.


Disneyland fans complain a lot about rapid turnover of attractions and shops, but today’s pace is nothing compared to the 50s. Attractions and restaurants closed, changed, or moved constantly, sometimes without any prior announcement. With multiple bakeries on Main Street, it didn’t take long for the eateries to start closing in favor of fresh dining options. The Puffin Bake Shop faced its demise in 1960, to make way for a sponsored Juice Bar: the Sunkist Citrus House.


On Opening Day, a photographer hopped up on the Main Street rooftops for photos before the crowds rushed in. This dream angle perfectly overlooked the Puffin Bake Shop! (see the photo above)

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    • Thank you so much, John! That’s so kind of you. I absolutely love Disneyland history; if I had a time machine I’d definitely visit in the 50s and 60s 🙂

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